1940s & 1950s Undergarment

My lovely sister had a formfit skippies l liked to borrow. As a boy it was thrilling to wear. I finally got my own with her help..

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The Second World War had a major impact on clothing and undergarment. The first appearance of the panty-girdle and bullet bra in the 40’s appealed to both patriotism and protection and had a major impact on military women.  In the 1950’s, glamour became important to women as they had been deprived of this throughout the Second World War. Panty-girdles and bullet bras were essential garments and a definitive part of 40’s and 50’s culture and rose to popularity when worn by many Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Lana Turner. Although the bullet bra accentuated bust line and woman’s curves and assets, the girdle created a rigid, controlled figure that was seen respectable and modest.

These pictures of me are taken by photographer Göran Magnusson and edited by graphic designer Mattias Wilmenius. Clothes are from Independent Kostym.

Not only our mothers wore these formidable panty girdles. The trend goes back…

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